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    Company profile

    Kaijun group founded in Nov., 2005, its predecessor is Jiangmen Kaijun Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. During the past 12 year’s development, Kaijun group strives for excellence and self-improvement and adheres to the market - oriented diversification development strategy. Establishing Jiangmen Kaijun Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd, Jiangmen Kaijun Eco-Tech Co., Ltd and Jiangxi Kaijun Industry Co., Ltd, Kaijun group has developed into a diversified group company which produce hardware plastic parts, household appliances, robots, industrial automation equipment, air purifiers, air ...


    Our service advantage

    Kaijun Eco-Tech Co., Ltd. has strong sense of good quality and systematic management, it trained a batch of senior quality inspection team who fully understand the quality system certification. Its brand - Nairson focuses on high class, multifunctional and intelligent. Nairson cabin air filter uses imported polyester fiber, with high filtration efficiency, good stain ability, sophisticated manufacturing process, adapting three-layers efficient filtration, it can filter...



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    Contact: Mr. Su

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    Add: 1303-1304, 13th floor, Torch building, No.288, Jinou Road, Jianghai district, Jiangmen city, Guangdong province, China.

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